Analysis Of Escalator Step Chain, Accessories, And Aprocket
21st Dec 2021
Escalator Step Chain

The escalator step chain is the traction component of the escalator, it is an important part of the escalator. The quality of the step chain directly determines the escalator’s safety. Therefore, the design, production, and acceptance of the Escalator step chain should follow certain specifications and guidelines.

There is no international standard for the Escalator step chain to follow. China is the earliest and the only country in the world that standardizes Escalator step chain products. China issued JB/T8545-1997 “Escalator Step Chains- Accessories and Sprockets” mechanical industry standards in 1997. Specified 17 categories of Escalator step chain (step distances of 400mm and 406.4mm) with its structure, basic parameters and specifications, tensile strength, and chain length accuracy. The technical requirements for the accessories and sprockets of step chain type also been issued. Among them, the tensile strength requirement is an important index to measure the strength and safety performance of the Escalator step chain, and the chain length accuracy is an important accuracy index of chain transmission products.

With the continuous development of new escalator products, the type and requirements of supporting Escalator step chain products are getting higher. JB/T8545-1997 is far to meet the needs of new Escalator step chain products. To catch up lagging shortcomings, the National Standardization Technical Committee organizes relevant scientific research institutes and manufacturers to revise JB/T8545-1997 (five drafts and continuous improvements). In February 2010, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Approved and published JB/T8545-2010 “Escalator Step Chains, Accessories and Sprockets”, which replaced JB/T8545-1997, and was implemented on July 1, 2010. 25.

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