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Universal Engineering Chains are designed for harsh environments, offering high strength, wear resistance, impact resistance, and long lifespan. Ideal for applications such as mining, specialized vehicles, road construction, and more, our product range includes Trencher chains, Welded chains, and Bucket elevator chains etc.

With over 50 years of experience, Suzhou Universal Chain Technology excels in advanced manufacturing with high automation and rigorous quality control. We provide extensive customization and exceptional service, ensuring our chains meet diverse industrial needs. Trust Universal for robust, reliable solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Featued Engineering chains

Bucket elevator chains(NBH type)

Bucket elevator chains(NBH type)

mainly used in equipment such as vertical lifting or slope conveying. The operating environment is dusty and it operates 24 hours a day.

Garbage disposal chains

This type of chain is an environmentally friendly device mainly used for food waste treatment, so the chain should be corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant.

Paver machine chains

mainly used in road construction machinery and equipment. It uses high-quality materials, efficient and advanced processing technology and independent proprietary technology. The product has the characteristics of high tensile strength, stable operation, reliable use and long life.

Trencher chains

The trencher chain can continuously saw grooves in certain media by installing a special fixed-width cutter on the chain body. The chain has the characteristics of impact resistance and wear resistance.

Welded bending plate chains

Engineering welded chains are designed and manufactured in accordance with relevant standards. A variety of accessories are available, and they can also be customized according to user needs.

Sewage disposal chains

This type of chain is an environmental protection equipment mainly used in sewage sludge treatment, so the chain should have the characteristics of corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

Features & Benefits

High Strength

Designed for heavy-duty applications, these chains handle significant loads and stresses, making them ideal for equipment in mining, road construction, and more.

Wear Resistance

The chain surface is specially treated or made of wear-resistant materials, which has good wear resistance and can run stably for a long time in dust-intensive and wear-prone environments, such as material crushing and drying room conveyor lines.

Long life

Due to the optimized design and manufacturing process, the engineering chain has a high fatigue life, can maintain stable performance under long-term heavy loads and harsh environments, and reduce replacement and maintenance costs.

Product accuracy and stability

For specific applications, the engineering chain has high dimensional accuracy, smooth transmission and good synchronization, ensuring the reliability of the equipment under high temperature or high-speed operation

Impact resistance

suitable for working environments with large impacts. The chain structure design and material selection enable it to effectively withstand and mitigate impact forces, improving the stability and reliability of the equipment.

Corrosion resistance

The chain surface is treated with anti-corrosion or made of stainless steel, which can be used for a long time in harsh environmental conditions, such as places with high humidity and strong chemical corrosion.

Why Choose Us

Customization capability

The company can customize engineering chains according to customers’ specific requirements, including size, material, special treatment and accessory selection, to meet the personalized needs of different industries and applications.

Technical support and consulting

Provide a professional technical support team to provide customers with advice and guidance on chain selection, installation, maintenance, etc. to ensure the optimal performance of the chain during use.

Supply chain management

Have good supply chain management capabilities to ensure the stable supply of chain raw materials, efficient management of the production process, and timely delivery services to ensure the smooth implementation of customers’ production plans.

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FAQ About Engineering Chains

A trencher chain typically lasts between 1,000 to 3,000 linear feet of digging, depending on various factors:Digging Depth; Soil Type;  Operator Technique
It is recommended to replace the chain, teeth, and sprocket as a set every 300 hours or twice a year to ensure optimal performance and prevent premature wear. Maintaining proper chain tension is crucial to avoid excessive vibration or uneven wear on the sprocket and sidebars. Matching the tooth type to soil conditions, addressing worn teeth immediately, and replacing the sprocket with the chain are best practices for maximizing chain life. Diligent maintenance and following manufacturer guidelines are key to achieving the longest service life from a trencher chain.

Trencher chain should have about 1/2 inch to 1 inch of sag in the middle when properly tensioned. This allows for optimal performance and longevity. Regularly check and adjust the tension to avoid excessive wear and ensure efficient operation. Always refer to your trencher’s manual for specific guidelines.

A bucket elevator chain is an endless chain (ring or plate) that provides the traction mechanism to lift buckets carrying abrasive, hot, and heavy materials like coal, cement, and ore over moderate heights, typically up to 40 meters. In contrast, a bucket elevator belt is an endless belt that lifts buckets carrying non-abrasive, cooler, and lighter materials like grains and fertilizers, with the flexibility to achieve higher lifting heights but limited temperature and abrasion resistance compared to chains. Chain bucket elevators have a more rigid structure with chains and sprockets, making them noisier and prone to vibration, while belt bucket elevators operate more smoothly and quietly with a simpler belt and pulley design.

Welded chains are exceptionally strong and durable, with their strength measured by the maximum working load or weight they can safely support without failing, ranging from 750 lbs for a 3/16″ general utility chain to over 300,000 lbs for specialized high-strength welded steel chains designed for the harshest environments, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications like cargo lashing, towing, pipeline hanging, and anchoring where their ability to withstand immense loads without breaking is crucial, but not intended for overhead lifting due to safety concerns.

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