Other chains

●The roller chains driven by the tire crane of port machinery comply with ISO and other relevant standards, mainly including A-Series and B-series short pitch precision roller chains. The working conditions of this kind of chain are characterized by low speed and heavy load, staggered forward and reverse operation, large impact during startup, etc. Therefore, this kind of chain must have good strength and toughness, high impact resistance and wear resistance.
●Marine engine chain is applicable to the chain timing transmission system of diesel engine. According to the important and high reliability working condition requirements, this kind of chain must have high-precision shape and position tolerance and dimensional tolerance, good strength and toughness, impact resistance and wear resistance, etc.
●Coupling chains are used in mechanical couplings. Generally, the coupling chains are double row roller chains. When transmitting power, the pin shaft will be subjected to shear bending stress of single section. Therefore, the chain pin shaft parts must be reasonably selected and appropriate heat treatment process to meet the requirements of this working condition.