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The driving chain from Universal Chains has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and can operate stably for a long time in harsh working environments. Our industrial driving chains are the trusted choice for heavy-duty applications in industries like construction, mining, and metallurgy.

We can provide customized services according to the specific needs of customers to meet the personalized needs of different industries and scenarios. We can also derive special-purpose chains and enhance chain performance through special design and optimized processes.

Featued Driving Chains

Pin type short pitch precision roller chain

Precision Roller Chain

Mainly include A series, B series, reinforced type, cotter pin type and other series, which comply with ISO, DIN, ASME/ANSI and other standards

Double pitch transmission chain

Complying with ISO 1275, DIN 8181, ASME B29.100 and other standards, it is lighter and suitable for powering equipment with long conveying distances.

Oil field chain

The product has high wear resistance, fatigue resistance and high reliability performance. Has passed the product certification of American Petroleum Institute API Spec 7F

High strength short pitch precision roller chain

Comply with ISO, DIN, ANSI and other standards, adopt wide waist design, select high-quality materials and special heat treatment process

Self-lubrication roller chain

Complies with ISO, DIN, ASME/ANSI and other standards, and is dimensionally interchangeable with standard chains. Suitable for applications that require high wear resistance and cannot be maintained frequently

Corrosion resistant chain

Corrosion-resistant chains use special surface treatment methods for parts, or use parts made of engineering plastics, stainless steel, etc., so that the chain has excellent corrosion resistance and complies with ISO, ASME/ANSI, DIN and other standards.

Features & Benefits


The product uses high-quality alloy steel materials and advanced technology to improve the strength and fatigue performance of the product, with some indicators reaching 1.1-1.7 times the ISO standard.

Quality certification

Products comply with international standards such as ISO, DIN, ASME/ANSI, etc., and have obtained industry certifications such as API, with reliable quality.


Through special design and optimization processes, special-purpose chains such as sealed chains, lubrication-free chains, seamless hoses, and strong pre-zippers can be derived to meet the individual needs of customers.

Diverse products

including A series, B series, reinforced type, cotter pin type and other standard roller chains, as well as special chains such as motorcycle chains, double-pitch chain side bending (turning machine) chains, to meet the needs of different industries and application scenarios need.

Heat Treatment

Strictly control time and temperature, optimize material properties, and enhance the wear resistance and impact resistance of the transmission chain

Special surface treatment

Some products adopt surface treatment processes such as nickel plating and zinc plating to enhance the corrosion resistance of the product.

Why Choose Us

Manufacturing Capabilities

Universal Chains has more than 2,000 advanced high-precision manufacturing equipment and an annual production capacity of more than 60 million meters, which can ensure the stability and reliability of product quality and meet customers’ strict requirements for accuracy and performance.

Customized Services

Universal Chains has a professional design team that can carry out customized product design and process optimization according to customers’ specific requirements to meet personalized performance indicators and dimensional parameters.

Sustianable Development

Universal Chains has obtained the “National Green Factory” certification, minimizing resource consumption during the production process, and extensively applying technologies such as water recycling to improve water resource utilization efficiency.

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Food processing and packaging

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Agricultural Machinery

Engineering Machinery

Logistics and Transportation

Metallurgical Mining

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Choose Universal Chains now, your trustworthy driving chain manufacturer, to make your equipment transmission more reliable and durable!

Frequently Asked Questions

Roller chain is a special chain specially used for mechanical power transmission, mainly with cylindrical roller structure. Driving chain is a general term that covers various power transmission chains, including roller chains. In comparison, roller chains are lighter and more compact in size and weight, but have poor tolerance to harsh environments; Driving chains have high tolerance and are more suitable for harsh outdoor environments. A wide variety of driving chains allow buyers to choose based on specific application requirements such as load capacity, speed and environmental conditions.

There are mainly the following types of transmission chains: Precision roller chain,Double pitch transmission chain,High strength short pitch precision roller chain,Oil field chain,Chain of pumping unit,Self-lubrication roller chain,Side bow chain,Heavy duty cranked-link transmission chain,Motorcycle chains,Corrosion resistant chain.

The transmission chain is a key component of the mechanical power transmission system. Its main functions include: transmitting power from one place to another, connecting key engine components such as crankshaft and camshaft, achieving power input, output and speed change by meshing with the sprocket, and providing High strength, durability and other performance support to meet the needs of various industrial applications.

The main measurement parameters of the transmission chain include: pitch (distance between adjacent chain pin centers), roller diameter, plate thickness, total chain width, etc. These dimensional indicators jointly determine the load-bearing capacity and applicability of the chain, ensuring compatibility with components such as sprockets. Accurate measurement of these key parameters helps select the appropriate driving chain model to meet the needs of a specific application.