Drive Chains

Drive Chain is a roller chain that transmits power from one toothed wheel to another. The power is output by simply rotating the chain, which can be used to lift or drag objects.


01Wide range of application fields.
02Rich accumulation on technology.
03High strength, high fatigue, and long using life.
  • Precision roller chain
  • Double pitch transmission chains
  • Oil field chains
  • Chains of pumping unit

Engineering Chains

Engineering Chain is a chain used in engineering equipment, which involves a wide range of fields, such as coal mine, special vehicle, road engineering, large-scale environmental protection, metallurgical casting, cement building materials, Oilfield, etc.


01Wide range of application fields.
02Generally applied in a harsh environment.
03Choose different materials according to different environments.
  • Bucket elevator(Cement)chains
  • Environmental protection equipment chains
  • Paver machine chains

Conveyor Chains

Conveyor chains generally include inch, metric, double-pitch, and special-pitch chains. Many functions of the conveyor chain can be expanded by adding one-level or multi-level accessories. It can be widely used in many horizontal conveying, ramp conveying, or Lifting and conveying, and other occasions.


01High strength, high fatigue, and long using life.
02High wear resistance, impact resistance.
03Meet the requirements of various working conditions.
  • Sider roller conveyor chain
  • RF type conveyor chain
  • Double plus speed chain

Leaf Chains

The leaf chain is a chain formed by the cyclic connection of the pin shaft and the chain leat. The chain is mainly used in traction and lifting applications and has certain safety requirements.


01All are manufactured in accordance with international standards, with good interchangeability.
02Performance is higher than the standard requirements.
03High strength, high fatigue, and long using life.
  • Leaf chain for forklift and sky stacker
  • Gall’s chain

Escalator chains

The escalator chain is the key part of the escalator equipment for carrying people. It must be safe, reliable, and with a certain degree of comfort. Escalator is required to run smoothly and with low noise


01Generally apply in escalators
02Selection of materials and optimizes the heat treatment process is required
03High strength, high fatigue, high resistance and long life
  • Escalator step chain
  • Heavy duty&high gradient escalator step chain
  • Moving walk pallet chain
  • No maintenance escalator step chain

Agricultural Machinery Chain

Using high-quality raw materials and a special heat treatment process, the product has high fatigue strength, high resistance and impact resistance. Its resistance is ensured by high-quality grease lubrication. The chain meet the working conditions of agricultural machinery outdoor operations.


01High fatigue strength
02High resistance
03High impact resistance
  • Walking tractor chain & rotary tillage chain
  • Rice harvester chain
  • GS38 combine harvester chain
  • Corn harvester chain
  • Citrus harvester chain

Stainless Steel Chain

Stainless Steel Chains are widely used in metallurgy, food processing, high temperature or low temperature equipment manufacturing, sewage treatment and other industries.


01Special stainless steel materials
02High strength and corrosion resistance
037.Special strengthening and surface treatment
  • Standard stainless steel chain
  • Stainless steel hollow pin chain
  • Sewage treatment chain

Car Parking Chain

Parking equipment has particularly high requirements on the reliability and safety of the chain, and the mechanical processing technology is used to ensure the quality requirements of the chain products.


01High strength
02High resistance
03High precision and impact resistance
  • Roller chain
  • Vertical circulation chain
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