What are the benefits of using leaf chain?
01st Apr 2023

Leaf chains are composed of multiple interlaced steel plates for higher tensile strength than roller chains. They mount onto flat-face pulleys instead of sprockets and can be used for low-speed pulling, lifting, or balancing heavy loads.

Leaf chain has many classes and applications, such as agricultural chains, conveyor chains, engineering steel chains, oil field chains, and power transmission chains. You can also get flat-top leaf chains, silent chains, and roller chains with special attachments.

  • High Strength

Leaf chains are a lightweight type of chain with higher tensile strengths and narrower dimensions than standard power transmission chains. They run over sheaves rather than sprockets and can often be found on forklift trucks or as counterweight chains in machine tools or similar balancing applications.

When selecting a leaf chain, it is essential to take into account its tensile strength and fatigue limit. Unfortunately, mere strength does not guarantee durability when in use.

  • High Resistance to Wear

One of the primary advantages that leaf chain offers is high resistance to wear. This property makes it particularly suitable for heavy lifting machines like empty container handlers, where harsh operating conditions and long shifts place a great demand on these chains.

The wear resistance of steels under abrasion conditions is determined by several factors, including their hardness and microstructure. Alloying elements like manganese, chromium, and molybdenum also play a role here.

  • High Durability

A leaf chain is an economic power transmission chain with greater tensile strength than roller chains. It runs over sheaves instead of sprockets and can be used for hanging, balancing, or motion-transmitting applications.

Leaf chains are commonly employed as counterweight chains on machine tools, elevator and oven doors, forklift truck masts, and spinning frames – among other lifting or balancing applications. Their exceptional strength enables them to bear heavy loads without bending or breaking.

  • Compact Design

Leaf chain is widely used in material handling and lifting applications. This sturdy chain installs onto flat-face pulleys without sprockets, offering superior lifting and balancing capabilities.

When selecting a leaf chain, it’s essential to take into account the size of the pulley/sheave that will be utilized with it. Not only does this affect how long the chain lasts, but a pulley that’s too small can reduce its tensile strength as well.

  • Low Noise

Leaf chains are used in a variety of power transmission drive applications. They run over sheaves instead of sprockets and boast greater tensile strength than roller chains.

They are commonly employed in hanging, balancing, and motion-transmitting applications like elevator doors, oven doors, spinning frames, and forklift truck masts. While these common counterweight chains have their uses in these particular applications, they may also be employed elsewhere in conveyor and lifting operations.

Like roller chains, leaf chain has a minimum ultimate tensile strength (UTS). This serves to prevent overloading and the chain from deteriorating due to repeated loading.

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