Who is the oldest chain manufacturer in the world?
10th Apr 2023

Suzhou Universal Technology is China’s oldest chain transmission manufacturer, offering a comprehensive selection of chains and parts.

Established in 1970, they operate out of Suzhou Town with a factory that manufactures roller chains according to your technical requirements.

About Suzhou Universal Technology

Suzhou Universal Technology is a Chinese chain transmission manufacturer established in 1970 with over 50 years of manufacturing expertise and thousands of different chains produced. They are an established supplier and can be your reliable partner for all your jack chain requirements.

Suzhou Universal Technology is China’s oldest Chain Transmission Manufacturer and a member of both the China Chain Association and the Chinese National Technical Committee for Chain Standardization. Their factory produces all kinds of chains and chain materials, such as standard A & B series roller chains, motorcycle chains, leaf chains, agricultural chains, double-pitch chains, and conveyor chains; plus, they specialize in processing parts and materials according to customer demands.

They possess a talented R & D team and offer tailor-made solutions for any application. As such, they are able to produce the highest quality jack chain and other chain products at an unbeatable price point.

The company operates multiple manufacturing plants and R & D centers throughout China. They manufacture chains, sprocket wheels, transmissions, bearings, and head gaskets.


Their main product range includes industrial transmission chains, jack chains, motorcycle chains, conveyor chains, elevator chains, and drop forged chains. All their items comply with ISO, ANSI, BS, DIN, and JIS international standards, as well as meet national industry specifications.

This Chain Company is one of China’s premier manufacturers, offering high-quality products at competitive prices. Their knowledgeable staff works closely with customers to customize roller chain requirements to meet individual needs, while their experienced engineers guarantee that the finished product exceeds all expectations.

This Chain Company is one of China’s most reliable suppliers for roller chains, offering products that are weather resistant and priced competitively. Their products can withstand any climate conditions while their prices remain unbeatably reasonable.

They offer custom roller chains in any size and color to match your brand identity. Furthermore, they provide fast shipping and can work with you to create customized roller chains quickly and efficiently.


This Chinese chain company boasts an experienced human workforce and superior engineering capabilities. Their products are high-quality, suitable for various applications, and can meet all your specifications.

The Company operates a facility in Suzhou Industrial Park that manufactures and assembles structural components for medium-sized aircraft programs. Their manufacturing processes involve heat treatment, plating, and painting operations.

This company utilizes the most advanced 3D printing technology to manufacture a wide variety of materials and sizes for use in various applications. Their advanced equipment enables them to construct large, intricate structures that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to construct.

They are a professional company licensed with ISO9001 and ISO14001. Their team is experienced and highly qualified in manufacturing, exporting, and customer service to meet any requirement – no matter how big or small. Their mission is to be your long-term partner by offering premium quality products at low prices. Their goal is your satisfaction – contact them via phone or email for more details on their products, services, and pricing today!