Suzhou Universal High-Quality Bucket Elevator Cement Chain
16th Dec 2021

Construction machinery chains apply in a wide range of fields, such as coal mine machinery equipment, special vehicle equipment, road construction machinery equipment, large-scale environmental protection equipment, metallurgical casting equipment, cement building materials equipment, Oil-field machinery, and equipment, etc.

The application condition of the engineering chain is generally harsh, such as low speed and heavy load, dust, corrosion, impact, high and low temperature (outdoor), etc. Through the scientific selection of materials and optimization of the heat treatment process, make chains have high strength, high fatigue, high wear resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and long-life performance characteristics. Ensure chains fully meet the requirements of various construction machinery equipment. Engineering chain is widely used in mining machinery industry, special vehicle industry, road construction machinery industry, cement, and building materials industry, metallurgical foundry industry, oil field machinery industry, environmental protection machinery industry, etc.

The cement chain of Suzhou Universal Bucket Elevator is mainly used in equipment such as vertical lifting or slope transportation. The operating condition is dusty and operates 24 hours a day. Some working conditions have temperature requirements. The products mainly include NE type, NSE type, NBH type, NEW type, FU Type, ER type and other series.

The correct use of cement chain is essential to ensure the service life and working reliability. In addition, the sprocket’s quality, installation, and special working environment will have a direct impact on the chain’s use.

Before installation, the chain must pass the chain and sprocket disc engagement confirmation. Impurities or hard objects are not allowed to adhere to the chain and sprocket to prevent damage to the chain drive system. In general, the chain should run smoothly within the rated power requirements, without overload, impact, or frequent start. The chain will fail after being used in a long time, therefore it should be properly adjusted or replaced regularly. The sprocket should be installed coplanar to prevent the chain from being forcibly twisted by external forces, or prevent it be too large.

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