How Do You Identify A Leaf Chain?
29th Apr 2022

Chains are available in various different standards and sizes, so it is important to identify the type of chain. It will help you to purchase the right type of chain.

When it comes to leaf chains, you need to learn how to identify them. A simple way to tell if a leaf chain is the right one for your application is to look at its part number. Most chains are referred to by three or four digits. The parts number will give you the pitch of the chain. 

Some chain part numbers only give you the numerator, while others give the denominator, such as BL12, which represents twelve-eighths of an inch.

In addition to this, leaf chains are available with different plate combinations. Some suppliers may even offer a specialty leaf chain. In other words, a specialty leaf chain is a special type. But a leaf chain is an excellent choice for most industrial applications. 

Whether you’re looking for a replacement or a new one for a specific application, this article can help you determine which type of leaf chain you need.

If you want to learn how to identify a leaf chain, continue reading this article.

What Is A Leaf Chain?

A leaf chain is one of the simplest types of chain. It is a steel chain that only comes with pins and link plates. These chains have greater tensile strength and are durable.

Leaf chains are the main component of the boom. They are used for lifting and balancing and are designed for different applications. They are typically used for counterweights in elevators, oven doors, and machine tools. These chains are available in a variety of lengths and can be ordered on a real-time or continuous basis. 

Although the fatigue limit of leaf chains increases with increasing width and number of links, this type of chain is not as brittle and has a low fatigue limit. For heavy-duty applications, it is best to use a leaf chain with a safety factor. 

Moreover, a leaf chain’s maximum allowable tension should be tested before use, so it’s important to check the manufacturer’s catalog to confirm the rated safety factors. These chains are mostly used for balancing, hanging and transmitting applications.

How Do You Identify a Leaf Chain?

A leaf chain part number provides crucial information about its length, pitch, and lacing. Knowing these three characteristics will help you decode the type of leaf chain you need. The AL series is the lightest of the leaf chains and is usually used for lifting light loads. Its pins are oversized according to the ANSI B29.9 standard. The BL series uses thicker link plates and is designed to resist shock load.

Whether you’re looking for a heavier duty chain or a simple leaf chain component, it’s important to know what type of leaf chain you’re looking for. BL-LH chains are commonly used in materials handling, lifting, and forklift trucks. The BL-LH series chain is only used in heavy-duty applications, and the EL-LL and AL series are lighter-duty chains. You can also identify a leaf-chain part number by the last two digits.

Leaf chains come with one of two digits on the chain, which helps you to identify the pitch. For the AL series, the pitch is measured in 8ths of an inch. So, if the number is 4, the pitch of the chain will be 4/8 inch. Similarly, EL-LL and BL-LL are measured in 8ths and 16ths of an inch. So if the number is 12, the pitch will be 12/8 inch and 12/16 inch. This is how you can easily identify a leaf chain.