Where Do We Use Chain Drive?
29th Apr 2022

A chain drive is a simple method of linear actuation. It is widely used in industrial machinery. The typical chain drive consists of a chain connected to a sprocket. This is the driving part, and it connects to other moving parts of the system. These drives can be quite durable and withstand high speeds. 

It is an efficient way to transmit power. It has low maintenance requirements and can operate even in wet conditions, which is an important feature of industrial equipment. Another advantage of using a chain drive is that it can withstand high temperatures and humidity.

A chain drive can be used in many mechanical applications. It is best for applications where it needs to move large loads with high torque and with no slippage. Similarly, chain drives are used in agricultural machinery, compressors, and kilns that have high rotational speed. 

There are many uses and applications of chain drive. If you want to know where chain drives are used, continue reading this article.

Where Do We Use Chain Drive?

When comparing the performance of belt and chain drives, the advantages of the chain drive are obvious. Because of this reason, it has many applications. Here are some common uses and applications of chain drives. 

  • Bicycle

Chain drive is used in bicycles. A bicycle chain driver is a mechanical device used in bicycling. It works by distributing power between the pedals and the companion wheel’s sprockets. The two sprockets are joined side-by-side with a chain and work together to transmit power and torque. As you move the pedal, the chain moves, which rotates the sprocket, and the wheel can cause the bicycle to move ahead. 

  • Automobiles

A chain drive is the power transmission mechanism used in vehicles. Most vehicles use chain drive to function. Unlike belt or rope drive, the speed ratio of a chain drive is constant. The input and output gears are meshed together and move in the same direction. The oval chains help the vehicles to move by transferring power. 

  • Motorcycles

Chain drives are common in motorcycles. In a motorcycle, a chain is connected to the two sprockets, which helps the motorcycle to move. It uses the same mechanism as a bicycle to move. However, instead of the pedal, the motorcycle is powered by the engine. As the engine starts, the chain moves, thereby transferring power to the rear wheel and causing the motorcycle to move. 

  • Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural machinery uses a chain drive for various purposes, from plucking crops to cleaning and many other things. Most of the agricultural machinery uses chain drive. This device requires a sprocket with a pitch of 30 to 50 times the chain pitch. The sprocket must also have a minimum arc of contact of 120 degrees on the smaller sprocket to be in proper operation. Roller chain is used in these types of machinery to make them function.

  • Wood Working Machinery

A chain drive is a device that transmits power from one machine to another. It is commonly used in heavy machinery to turn rotating drums. It is also used to drive large off-road cranes and draglines. These machines are equipped with large engines to power them. They are available in different types and can be found in different types of woodworking machinery. 

  • Material Handling Equipment

The chain drive is an important component of material handling equipment. It is used in the movement of chains. The links are made of metal and are rigid, but they have pin joints that provide flexibility in wrapping the wheels. The driven and driving wheels have teeth that fit into a recess on the chain links. The chain drives are often used to move heavy material as well as lighter material from one place to another on a conveyor. 

  • Building Construction

A chain drive is a mechanical power transmission system. The chains are composed of a continuous series of links. The chain is rotated by toothed sprocket gears. This type of chain driver is often used in heavy machinery and conveyance systems. It is used in the building and construction industry to lift and hoist heavy items and move them from one place to another. 

  • Oil Well Drilling Rigs

A chain drive is a piece of equipment used in oil well drilling. This device is used to drive a drill string through a deep hole. The driller pulls the chain from one end of the string and turns it into the spool. The spool screws into the joint, which is hung off in slips. The use of spinning chains has been discontinued by most rig contractors. These tools are still available on some rigs.