The Best 7 Conveyor Chain Manufacturers in China
19th Jun 2024

As the world’s manufacturing capital, Chinese industries rely on advanced conveyor systems to move components and finished products efficiently. Downtime proves expensive. To maximize uptime, leading Chinese chain brands engineer high-strength conveyor chains for longevity across loading docks, packaging lines, warehouses, and distribution centers.

Explore seven of China’s top conveyor chain manufacturers serving vital industries through quality assurance, custom engineering, and comprehensive service.

Conveyor Chain Manufacturers – Top 7 Picks

Here are 7 of the best conveyor chain suppliers from China:

Hangzhou Donghua Chain

Founded in 1991, Hangzhou Donghua Chain Co. produces standard and custom engineering chains for conveying applications up to very heavy loads. Donghua’s 120,000+ square foot state-of-the-art factory specializes in heat-treated alloy steel chains plus corrosion-resistant variants.

Product testing up to 100,000 cycles ensures optimal power transmission efficiency, low noise, and long service life supported by integrated R&D, manufacturing, and quality control.

Hangzhou Chinabase Machinery

Hangzhou Chinabase designs and manufactures specialty steel processing equipment along with power transmission chains utilized within the machinery itself and by its customer base.

Their advanced production line includes forging, micro shot blasting, vacuum heat treatment, and precision machining capacity suited for high-strength chains meeting European DIN, American ANSI, and ISO standards[1].

CTS (Chain Transmission Solutions)

CTS specializes in premium conveyor chains for material handling applications utilizing British Standards-compliant design paired with strict quality control standards for strength and long working life.

Their vertically integrated chain production process includes steelmaking, heat treatment, and precision dimensional conformance delivered on time to manufacturers across industries from automotive to food processing.

HZPT Transmission

HZPT Transmission provides standard and customized conveyor chains, sprockets and full conveyor assemblies to Chinese manufacturers seeking quality matched with affordability. Their advanced factory specializes in economical small to mid-sized batch production.

All HZPT conveyor chains utilize high-grade Japanese steel compliant with ISO standards. They also manufacture cam clutches, torque limiters, and other conveyor components.

Qingdao Star Machine Technology

Qingdao Star serves manufacturers in the papermaking and wood processing industries with conveyor systems rated for very heavy 100,000N loads without elongation or component failure.

Their specialty heat-treated carbon steel chains withstand extreme stress and exhibit wear life exceeding expectations thanks to in-house technical design, modern manufacturing infrastructure, and stringent quality control.

Zhejiang Gidi Industrial Chain

GIDI Chain offers premium transmission chains, including stainless steel conveyor chains impervious to corrosion for the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical sectors. Their product catalog spans standard roller chains, bush conveyor chains, engineering chains, and more.

R&D centered on key industries ensures durable, high-efficiency products. Automated production with strict quality control guarantees reliable chain supply.

Suzhou Universal Chain

Universal Chain recently introduced domestic production capacity in China to offer trusted conveyor chain solutions with American quality and competitive local pricing. Products fully comply with ISO, DIN, and BS standards.

Their global supply chain supports custom conveyor chain requests for all major Chinese machinery producers with the value-added solutions and application expertise that defines the Universal Chain.


China’s world-class manufacturing capacity requires a reliable, high-quality conveyor chain to maximize production uptime. Rather than gamble on questionable chains, count on industrial-grade quality and expertise from Universal Chain. 

Universal Chain serves major OEMs with custom conveyor chains purpose-engineered based on application insights nurtured over 50 years. When output depends on unfaltering conveyance, the Universal Chain delivers. Request a custom quote for a premium chain made locally to your specifications.

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