Leaf Chain Selection Guide: Types, Features, Applications
28th Mar 2023

Leaf chains are a type of steel chain with higher tensile strength than roller chains. These attachments attach onto flat face pulleys rather than sprockets and are commonly used for low-speed pulling, lifting, or balancing heavy loads. Common applications include forklift trucks, cranes, lifts and hoists, machining systems, and elevators.

Leaf chain has many applications, such as forklift truck masts, machine tools, elevator and oven doors, draw bench chains, or container pallet jacks. Their high fatigue strength, compact design, and maximum wear resistance make them ideal for these jobs.

Types of Leaf Chains

Leaf chains come in many forms and sizes, such as those found on forklifts, cranes, hoisting gear, and straddle carriers. Furthermore, specialty leaf chains may be designed for specific applications.

Leaf chain series come in three main varieties: AL, LL, and BL. The AL series uses link plates of the same contour and thickness as ANSI roller chain pin links of the same pitch; on the other hand, LL and BL series leaf chains use thicker link plates with larger contours than their AL counterparts.

Features of Leaf Chains

Leaf chains are a type of chain that does not feature rollers or sprocket-engaging devices. They consist of multiple steel link plates, which can be adjusted to achieve the desired tension. These chains find application in many industries.

Leaf chains are heavy-duty chains with multiple strands. They’re built to handle loads too heavy for a single roller chain to handle alone.

These pumps are used for a range of applications and can be found on forklifts, boom trucks, intermodal container lifts, cargo lifts, and elevators. Manufactured to high standards, they’re suitable for use under all kinds of conditions.

Leaf chains, unlike precision roller chains, are not subject to the cyclic wear and tear that precision rollers endure. As such, they offer greater durability and can handle higher loads than their precision roller counterparts.

Chains don’t need to be lubricated as often as precision rollers, extending their lifespan. Furthermore, these chains are resistant to corrosion – making them perfect for use in highly corrosive environments.

Application of Leaf Chains

Leaf chains are a simple type of power transmission chain composed of interlaced link plates and pins that run over sheaves instead of sprockets. They boast higher tensile strength than standard power transmission chains while being narrower.

These devices can be constructed from stainless steel or aluminum and customized to meet the individual requirements of each application.

Diverse types of leaf chains exist, such as agricultural chains, conveyor chains, engineering steel chains, oil field chains, and power transmission chains. Other options include flat-top leaf chains, silent chains, and roller chains with special attachments.

Selecting the proper leaf chain is essential when lifting, hoisting, or pulling heavy loads in industrial machinery. Suzhou Universal Technology offers a comprehensive selection of quality leaf chains with high tensile strengths and long service lives.

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