The Best 8 Chain Manufacturers in Asia
19th Jun 2024

Asia’s rapid industrialization and infrastructure development have fueled strong demand for industrial chains used in manufacturing, automation, and material handling applications. Precision roller and conveyor chains must withstand punishing conditions while delivering reliable power transmission and synchronization. 

These top drive chain manufacturers in Asia have earned global reputations for high-quality, durable chain solutions serving vital industries.

Chain Manufacturers – Top 8 Picks

Here are eight of the best chain manufacturers and suppliers available in Asia:

HKK Chain

Known for its high strength and extreme durability, the HKK Chain has fueled Asia’s industrial growth for over a century. Established in 1916, the renowned Japanese brand specializes in precision roller chains ideal for industrial machinery. HKK combines advanced technologies like vacuum-degassed steel with rigorous quality control across its automated production facilities. The result is a high-performing chain able to withstand demanding environments.

With Asia’s industrial evolution demanding increased efficiency, HKK’s commitment to innovative engineering and testing ensures durable, reliable chains even in extreme environments.

Hitachi Chain

A division of the respected Hitachi Group, Hitachi Chain draws on advanced metallurgy and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies to produce incredibly resilient chains. Hitachi operates large-scale production facilities outfitted with robotic automation to churn out high-quality products with unmatched consistency.

Hitachi Chain’s diverse roller chain lineup delivers high tensile strength combined with fatigue and wear resistance. Its Neptune series features nickel-plated roller chains offering enhanced corrosion resistance for wet environments like wash-down areas. Hitachi’s conveyor chains withstand heavy loads and shocks, using proprietary heat treatment to boost durability. The company’s leaf chains also provide quiet, low-vibration power transmission for industrial machinery.

Tsubakimoto Chain

With roots tracing back over a century, Tsubakimoto Chain has evolved into a global leader in industrial power transmission and material handling chains. Its state-of-the-art facilities in Japan, North America, Europe, and across Asia produce over 500 million roller chain links annually through rigorous quality control standards. 

Tsubakimoto also develops advanced chain lubricants as well as Nickel and Stainless steel chains boasting extreme corrosion resistance for demanding applications. With expertise spanning drive systems innovations, IoT monitoring, and predictive maintenance, Tsubaki provides complete solutions tailored to customer requirements.

Katayama Chain

Also known as the KANA Roller Chain, Katayama Chain has delivered reliable power transmission across Asia for over 90 years. The prominent Japanese manufacturer brings generations of roller chain expertise to its state-of-the-art plants, ensuring consistently high-quality

Katayama chains withstand punishing conditions in industries from automotive and electronics to textiles and packaging equipment. The company’s comprehensive catalog features standard roller chains plus specialized engineering chains and stainless steel models designed for clean room environments. 

TIDC India

With roller chain engineering roots tracing back to 1962, TIDC India has evolved into one of Asia’s leading chain manufacturers serving vital industries. It combines advanced German and Japanese technologies with stringent quality control to produce world-class chains at its ISO-certified plants. 

TIDC offers an exceptionally wide range of industrial chains, including carbon and alloy steel roller chains, plus Ni-plated models. Its comprehensive conveyor chain selection handles bulk materials and unit handling with minimal environmental impact. TIDC also provides leaf chains, blockchains, and engineering plastic chains tailored to application requirements. 

KCM Chain

Kyodo Chain, also known as KCM Chain, has fueled Asia’s growth through high-quality power transmission chains since 1939. The pioneering Japanese manufacturer operates large-scale facilities featuring extensive quality assurance testing and precision heat treatment ovens. 

KCM’s diverse catalog includes standard and conveyor roller chains plus leaf chains engineered for low-noise operation. Its specialty includes hollow pin chains for lubrication-free durability, along with stainless steel models boasting excellent corrosion resistance. KCM chains serve vital functions across automotive powertrains, machine tools, steel-making lines, agricultural equipment, and beyond. 

Daido Kogyo Co., Ltd.

With nearly a century of roller chain manufacturing expertise, Daido Kogyo Co. (DID) has fueled Asia’s industrial growth through continuous innovation. Its state-of-the-art smart factories feature extensive quality testing capabilities to ensure exceptional chain durability and reliability. 

With one of the industry’s largest R&D centers focused on next-generation chain technologies, DID delivers high-quality, customized chains to keep Asia’s factories and machines running optimally.

Asian Engineering Works

Servicing major manufacturing industries since 1976, Asian Engineering Works has bolstered India’s industrial growth through heavy-duty chains and sprockets. Its state-of-the-art production facilities supply customers globally through integrated forging, machining, heat treatment, and assembly processes with robust quality control. 

Asian Engineering offers exceptionally durable roller chains, leaf chains, and conveyor chains for rigorous industrial environments. Its product range meets diverse requirements up to large conveyor sizes suited for hot conditions. By balancing European equipment with Indian engineering expertise, Asian produces heavy-duty chains withstanding abusive operating environments while minimizing downtimes. 

About Universal Chain

Since 1970, Universal Chain has been a leading manufacturer of industrial chains and roller chain distributors – serving customers across the globe. Located in China, our ISO 9001 certified[1] facilities produce high-quality roller chains, leaf chains, conveyor chains, and other specialty chain products used in manufacturing, automotive, agricultural, and various industrial applications.

Using advanced production technologies and rigorous quality testing, Universal Chain offers one of the widest selections of engineering chains in Asia. Our diverse catalog includes standard carbon and alloy steel roller chains, corrosion-resistant chains, hollow pin chains, block chains, and plastic chains tailored to meet demanding customer requirements. We also offer custom chain design and manufacturing.

At Universal Chain, we leverage generations of chain engineering expertise with the latest innovations to deliver exceptional performance and longevity. Our experienced application engineers help customers select optimized chains for their specific operating conditions while minimizing downtimes. 

With extensive experience serving major OEMs, we have a strong track record keeping Asia’s factories and machinery running through reliable, durable power transmission chains. Trust Universal Chain for your most demanding chain needs.


Asia’s rapid industrialization requires chain manufacturers to deliver exceptional reliability and durability to keep factories running efficiently. These leading Asian chain brands combine generations of engineering expertise with global technologies and rigorous quality control. 

Reliable, heavy-duty chains are crucial links powering Asia’s industrial machinery and critical infrastructure. By leveraging global innovations with extensive quality testing and customization capabilities, Universal Chain helps keep your essential equipment running optimally. 

Contact our team today to discuss your unique power transmission requirements.

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