The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Type of Industrial Chain
21st Apr 2023

Finding the ideal industrial chain can be a challenge due to its various purposes and weight capacities.

This guide can assist you in determining the type of chain best suited to your requirements. Discover the various grades, materials, and applications each chain is suitable for.

Grade 80 Chain

Chain grades show the ultimate breaking strength (N/mm) of a chain. The ultimate breaking strength is determined by dividing the tension at which two cross sections of one link break in tension, divided by their area.

For strength and durability, a Grade 80 Alloy Chain is your ideal option. This OSHA-approved chain can be used for overhead lifting as well as heavy-duty towing duties.

Grade 100 Chain

For an extra push when handling overhead lift jobs, try this American-made Grade 100 Chain! This alloy steel is 25% stronger than the popular Grade 80 Chain and is approved for overhead lifting tasks.

Grade 100 is our most robust alloy steel chain, boasting a 20 percent higher working load limit compared to Grade 80 (the chain commonly used for overhead lifting). This gives it a greater strength-to-weight ratio than other alloy chains, making it the ideal option for securely holding and towing heavy loads.

Grade 120 Chain

Grade 120 Chain is an ultra-premium quality high-strength alloy steel designed for extreme overhead lifting applications. It has a 50% greater working load limit compared to similar-size chains made of Grade 80 steel.

Its unique square link design maximizes surface area to achieve this, producing an incredibly robust and durable chain suitable for even the toughest overhead lifting tasks.

Grade 43 Chain

Grade 43 chain is a high-strength option used in various applications within logging, agriculture, and automotive towing industries. It’s also popular within flatbed trucking operations.

This chain is constructed of heat-treated carbon steel with a working load limit (WLL) range of 2,600 pounds to 20,200 pounds. It can be easily identified by its gold chromate finish and embossed G7 or 70 marks.

Grade 30 Chain

Grade 30 chain (also referred to as G30 or common coil chain) is an ideal general-purpose chain used for fabricating tow chains, binding/tie-down chains, and logging chains. Constructed from malleable, rustproof carbon steel, its working load limit varies between 1,300 pounds and 6,900 pounds, depending on the link size.

Alloy Steel Chain

Alloy steel chain is one of the strongest types of industrial chain available. It has an impressive strength-to-weight ratio and can withstand heat and corrosion well.

It is an ideal solution for overhead lifting and rigging tasks, making it a popular choice in steel fabrication shops and foundries.

Alloy chain slings are engineered for extreme environments and harsh conditions. They can withstand temperatures of up to 400oC while resisting corrosion-causing substances.

Proof Coil Chain

Proof Coil Chain (Common Coil Chain) is a low-carbon steel chain designed for light-duty applications like pulling or restraining. It’s commonly found in hardware and industrial supply stores and comes in electro-galvanized, hot galvanized, self-colored, or zinc-plated finishes.

Windlass Chain

Windlass chain (also referred to as anchor windlass chain) is a special type of chain designed for use with windlasses. Its high tensile strength allows it to support the weight of the machine it controls while also withstanding friction and water damage.

A typical windlass consists of a winch, dog clutch, chain wheel drum, pawl bar, and hawsepipe. As the drum rotates, it engages or disengages the dog clutch, which can then be adjusted by the operator for optimal operation.

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