Top 6 Industrial Chain Suppliers in Europe
19th Jun 2024

European industry relies on advanced manufacturing automation using high-performance power transmission chains in material handling, packaging lines, conveying systems, and mechanical drives. Quality, standards compliance, and reliability matter for productivity. Fortunately, leading regional machine chain manufacturers bring invaluable expertise.

Explore the top six European chain suppliers serving critical industries through high-quality chains and comprehensive technical partnerships.

Industrial Chain Suppliers – Top 6 Picks

Here are six of the best industrial chain suppliers available in Europe:


Serving European OEMs for over 100 years, Germany’s KettenWulf manufactures premium roller chains, conveyor chains, and machine chains up to complex customized designs. Their technical team tailors chain solutions to exact requirements using leading CAD, FEM analysis, and precision manufacturing.

KettenWulf’s extensive product range includes versatile standards like ANSI and DIN roller chains alongside unique high-strength chains engineered for extreme loads in industries from automotive to packaging[1]. Their chain configurator delivers fast quotes.

Iwis Antriebssysteme GmbH

Another heritage German brand, Iwis, specializes in premium roller chains optimized through lightweight hollow pins and unique high-contact antifriction rollers that minimize wear for 40% longer service life. Their x-life chains serve 20,000 hours in demanding applications.

Beyond roller, Iwis produces high-end specialty products like maintenance-free chains, corrosion-resistant offerings, explosion-proof chains for hazardous environments, and unique blockchains ideal for vertical conveyance with zero backlash and silent operation.


Family-owned French manufacturer Sedis offers an astounding 140,000+ chain component combinations to fulfill unique requirements across industries, including agricultural equipment, electric motor manufacturing, and printing machinery.

Built on a legacy of French chain production since 1946, Sedis today utilizes modern precision manufacturing and extensive testing capacity to confirm extreme load capacity, speeds, and environmental resistance per application demands, with short lead times.


Since 1950s, Northern Italy’s Chiaravalli has manufactured premium power transmission chains and sprockets, including flat-top, conveyor, hollow pin, and engineered steel chains, plus custom products. Their massive production capacity reaches 180,000ft2 of chains daily across seven specialized plants.

Beyond roller chains, Chiaravalli produces unique seamless steel chains forged without welds that withstand over 1 million fatigue cycles in demanding environments, along with nickel and stainless chains resisting corrosion.

John King Chains

Family-owned for three generations since 1926, John King Chains provides UK industries with high-quality British standard and ANSI roller chains plus unique products like single-strand chains for low-speed linear actuators. Their UK-made chains serve up to 46,000 Newtons in brute strength.

Rather than mass-produced chains, John King manufactures in smaller batches through workholding fixtures that increase accuracy. Their ISO-certified quality management ensures reliable precision chains with quick delivery at scale.

Chain Supply UK

Supporting the UK industry since 2005, Chain Supply stocks one of Europe’s largest chain inventories with same-day shipping to keep factories and machinery running. Beyond all standard roller chain sizes, their warehouse contains specialty chains like stainless, nickel-plated, attachment chains, and more.

Chain Supply also offers value-added solutions like custom cutting, riveted joining, color coding for identification, and custom packaging. Their expert staff provides guidance to identify optimal chain specifications for unique applications when needed.

About Universal Chain

Since 1970, Universal Chain has produced premium roller chains, agricultural chains, and specialty chains for industrial OEMS across applications from automotive transmissions to packaging equipment.

Universal Chain’s expertise helps engineers specify optimal chain solutions and then manufactures custom products cost-effectively and quickly through vertically integrated forging, machining, heat treating, and precision finishing capacity. Their quality focus delivers chain longevity.


Specifying a long-lasting, high-performance chain starts with a supplier intimately familiar with the nuances of regional industry demands. Universal Chain serves major OEMs through application expertise grounded in decades of chain production mastery. 

Contact Universal Chain today to explore custom chain specifications optimized for your equipment’s longevity and productivity.

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