What Are The Types Of Chain Drive?
29th Apr 2022

Chain drive is one of the best and easiest ways to transfer mechanical power from one place to another!

They are popular in industrial settings and high-speed power transmission. It can also be used in conveying applications. The benefits of chain drives include their low-speed operation, high capacity, and the ability to handle a variety of operating conditions.

However, there are different types of chain drive designs used in mechanical applications. If you want to know about the types of the chain drive, continue reading this article.  

What Is Chain Drive?

A chain drive is a type of system in which chains are used to transfer power from one place to another. It is mostly used in vehicles like bicycles and motorcycles. The chain transfers mechanical power to the wheels, which helps to run the vehicle.

A chain is a set of links attached to a central sprocket. The distance between the hinge centers of adjacent chains is called the pitch. The diameter of a pitch circle is the size of the center of the sprocket.

The components of a chain drive transmit energy with rotational motion. These links are typically rigid but also offer flexibility for twisting wheels. 

They are widely used in industries that require high speeds and large loads. In addition to the chain, there are several other variables that determine the type of chain drive you should choose. 

Types of Chain Drive

Chain drives can be classified into various categories. Here are the three most common types of chain drives on the basis of function. 

Power Transmission Chain Drive

The power transmission chain drive can be used to transmit power in many types of machinery. These devices include conveyors, wire and tube drawing machines, printing presses, and even cars and bicycles. The chains are powered by teethed wheels known as sprockets. The chain is shaped like a wheel and operates at a very low speed. Generally, power transmission chain drives are less complex and require lubrication. It is further divided into three types of chain drives. 

  • Block or Bush Chain: A block or bush chain is a type of power transmission that uses changing link blocks to transmit power. This type of chain can vary in size based on the size of the connecting links. This style can have a flat, round, or I beam profile. It is commonly used in construction. 
  • Brush Roller Chain: A bush roller chain is a mechanical power transmission device with two different types of links: the inner and outer links. Each of the inner links is held together by a sleeve, which rotates the two rollers.
  • Silent Chain: Unlike conventional chains, these units are extremely silent and can make your vehicle virtually noiseless. They also have many advantages over traditional chains, including a lower cost and more flexibility. It is also known as an inverted tooth chain.
  • Conveyor Chain Drive

A conveyor chain drive is used in conveyors for moving materials. These drives are typically anti-static, magnetic, high temperature, and chemical resistant. These types of machines are commonly found in a variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing, and food. A chain drive is a mechanical device that runs along a conveyor. The links of the chain are well-shaped, so they can easily run over the sprockets. They are made of malleable cast iron, which makes them highly durable and suitable for low-speed machinery. It is further divided into two types of chain drives. 

  • Detachable or Hook Joint Type Chain: A detachable or hook-joint chain is a steel chain made up of several similar-looking links. These chains are easy to assemble and disassemble due to their simple design. 
  • Closed Joint Type Chain: The closed type is designed for long-distance transmission. The closed joint chain is characterized by its wide spacing between the links.
  • Hoisting and Hauling Chain Drive

A hoisting and hauling chain drive is a mechanical device that is used to lift and move heavy objects. A hoist chain is made up of many oval links that are connected together to carry the load. These chains are sometimes referred to as coil chains. Some of them have square links and are designed for high loading. These are the most common types of chain drives. The drive sprocket and chain must have the same pitch in order to work together. The drive sprockets are connected to each other with timing belts. It is divided into three types of chain drives. 

  • Oval-Link Chains: A chain with oval links can be both classic and modern. They can be made of wire or a mix of both. The links are either round or oval and are connected horizontally or vertically. 
  • Square-Link Chains: Square links are used for many things, from securing small items to lifting heavy objects. A chain with square links is often called a lifting chain.