What Chains Are Used In Agriculture?
29th Apr 2022

Industrial, agricultural machinery needs heavy-duty transmission and transport chains. The types of chains used in farming machinery must be strong and durable. In addition to being strong and durable, these chains have a proven track record. 

The most common type of agricultural chain is the “F”-type roller chain, which has oval plates instead of standard roller chains. This type is used for common transmission and direct material transportation. 

The “CA-type” roller chain is mostly used for power transmission with long shaft-to-shaft distances and attachments. If you want to know more about the type of chains used in agriculture, continue reading this article. 

What Are Agricultural Machinery Chains?

There are two main types of agricultural machinery chains. The first type is a flat chain, and it was widely used in early machines. The second type, the roller chain, gradually replaced the flat chain as the most popular choice in most applications. 

The former is cheaper to produce, requires less re-tensioning, and can be easily assembled using common tools. On the other hand, the latter requires special splicing equipment and a master link.

Agricultural machinery chains come in various styles, depending on the application. For instance, a chain for a baler may be designed for hay. The second type is for a baler that produces different shapes of bales. 

Many balers use heavy series roller chains that are more durable, especially if the machines are designed to carry increased loads. Regardless of the specific purpose of the machinery, the key feature of a chain is its durability and strength.

Types of Chains Used in Agriculture

Here are some of the most common types of chains used in agricultural machinery. 

  • Agricultural Roller Chain

Agricultural roller chains come in a variety of designs and materials. Some models are plain, while others have slats, pushers, and other attachments. Despite their commonality, these chains provide superior strength, increased durability, and reduced wear. These products are used in the production of fertilizers, pesticides, and other agricultural products. There are many types of agricultural roller chains. 

  • A-Type Agricultural Roller Chain

A-Type chains are widely used in agriculture and livestock production. A-Type agricultural roller chains are made from high-quality steel and feature two setscrews. They have the same characteristics as A-Type chains but are more affordable. A-Type agricultural roller chains are used in applications where clearance is low. Compared to their non-steel counterparts, A-Type agricultural roller chains have heat-treated rollers and side-plates. A-Type agricultural roller chains are ideal for a wide range of farming applications.

  • MR-Type Agricultural Roller Chain

An MR-Type agricultural roller chain is a steel version of a malleable iron chain. It was originally designed to replace malleable chains with a steel equivalent to ensure smoother operation and increased tensile strength. Typically, these chains are applied in round balers, feed wagon lifts, and combine harvesters. They are also used for material handling. 

  • CA-Type Agricultural Roller Chain

CA-Type Agricultural Roller Chain is one of the most common types of ag-chain. Its open-barrel design makes it ideal for applications where a chain has narrow clearance. This type of agricultural roller chain is usually fitted with two setscrews for easy fitting. In addition, CA-type chains are more resistant to rust than A-type chains.

  • Cast H-Type Mill Chain

Cast H-Type Mill Chain is an industrial-grade, high-strength steel chain with precision-cored pinholes. Its welded or riveted design allows it to operate on sprockets that are interchangeable with WH78 welded steel chains. Its design allows for a wide range of pitch and diameter, ranging from 2.308 to 4.000 inches.

  • Steel Pintle Chain

A steel pintle chain is an agricultural device used for conveying and power transmission. Its open barrels help prevent material buildup and seizure. These chains are ideal for agricultural applications because they feature heat-treated, riveted pins that are designed to withstand the toughest working environments. 

  • Press Steel Chain

Press Steel Chain is a versatile chain designed for agriculture. It is commonly used in hay bale elevators, manure spreaders, and live bottom trailers. Because of its dependability and affordability, it has been adopted by many other industries. 

  • Detachable Chain

Detachable chains are a type of industrial belt used in a variety of industrial applications. They are primarily made of steel and can be easily disassembled and repaired while in use. They are typically used in farm equipment such as hay bale elevators and manure spreaders. 

  • Agri-Power Roller Chain

An Agri-Power Roller Chain is a chain that is designed specifically for agricultural applications. It is a sturdy, durable product that is ideal for a variety of agricultural applications. Agri-Power roller chains are available with tooth-formed sprockets, making them ideal for handling hay, straw, corn, and other agricultural crops. These products are also very affordable and easy to use.