Which Is the Best Motorcycle Chain?
29th Apr 2022

When choosing a chain for your motorcycle, it is important to know the pitch and sizing. A mid-range motorcycle chain will probably stretch a bit, while a budget model may be fine, but you will need to adjust it if you want to get the maximum performance out of it. 

A good chain should be made of high-quality materials, such as non-corrosive plates, to prevent rust. A cheap chain will wear out easily due to poor materials. A high-quality motorcycle chain will be long-lasting and have 4 points of riveted pins. 

If you are unsure of what type of motorcycle chain to buy, you can check out a variety of reviews online. In this guide, we will compare the three types of motorcycle chains and show you which the best one is. 

Types of Motorcycle Chain

Here are the three most common types of motorcycle chains. You need to choose the best one for your vehicle. 

  • Unsealed Motorcycle Chains

There are two basic types of motorcycle chains, sealed and unsealed, which have huge differences in price and performance. Unsealed motorcycle chains are cheaper than sealed chains. However, they do require periodic maintenance. Cleaning, lubrication, and adjustment are all necessary to ensure optimal chain performance. These chains are mostly found in older bikes. These chains are decent, but they have many drawbacks. 

They need periodic maintenance to keep them in good condition. 

  • O-Ring Chains

If you want a chain that can withstand the rigors of a long trip, look no further than the O-Ring. These chains are ideally suited to this purpose and fit the motorcycle chains like a glove. They have small O-rings fitted in every link of the chain to keep it lubricated. You may be wondering what makes them so unique. In fact, they are the perfect choice for any biker’s needs. The O-ring chain is heavier than a standard chain, but it is more durable and can withstand off-road conditions. This type of chain is more suitable for paved roads and is able to withstand a variety of terrain, including wet surfaces. It is ideal for long rides and can be cleaned easily, although off-road use will require lubrication and special care. 

  • X-Ring Chains

An X-ring chain is an improvement over the traditional O-ring chain. These chains are made from alloy steel and are more durable. They feature a roller and a pin for increased lubrication. These parts are installed in the factory and are self-lubricating. These chains are best for superbikes as they have lower drag and better traction. O-ring and X-ring motorcycle chains are largely interchangeable. One type is designed to be less expensive than the other, and it offers longer life. X-ring chains are specially designed for endurance riding and are good for racetracks. It will not create any drag at high speed and offer the best speed and performance. 

Which Is The Best Motorcycle Chain?

X-rings have several advantages over O-rings, and they are more durable. O-rings, by contrast, are easier to compress between two plates. Moreover, X-rings have four sealing surfaces, which means that there is less drag. Thus, they are preferred over O-rings.

Standard roller chains have been around forever. They’re also popular on bicycles and are often used on dirt bikes. O-rings, which are the preferred choice for riding ATVs and dirt bikes, were introduced in 1971. O-rings are a little more expensive than standard roller chains but are more durable, especially when it comes to friction reduction and longevity.

X-rings are more durable than O-rings. The X-ring seals prevent dirt from getting inside. Therefore, they offer a lower friction level, while the O-rings are more durable. X-rings are more expensive than standard chains, but the long lifespan and the maintenance-free design of these chains make them a worthwhile purchase.

So the best motorcycle chain is X-ring. This type of chain is expensive, but it is highly durable and doesn’t require any maintenance. On top of that, it will give you the best output.