Top 10 Industrial Chain Manufacturers in the USA
19th Jun 2024

American manufacturing depends on the flawless performance of industrial chains for power transmission, conveying, and motion control. Leading US chain brands combine generations of expertise with the latest innovations to deliver exceptional reliability even in demanding environments. 

These top manufacturers supply heavy-duty chains vital for agriculture, automotive, aerospace, and other key industries.

Industrial Chain Manufacturers – Top 10 Picks

Here are 10 of the best heavy duty chain manufacturers available in the USA:

Rexnord Corporation

With over a century of steering American industry, Rexnord stands among the most respected names in industrial chains and components. Since 1892, the chain manufacturing company has engineered high-performance solutions enhancing productivity, efficiency, and safety across essential sectors, including manufacturing, water treatment, mining, and food processing. 

Rexnord also offers specialized aerospace and automotive chains precision-engineered to stringent tolerances. With extensive customization experience including IoT-enabled[1] smart chains, Rexnord delivers optimized chains boosting uptime.

Renold Jeffrey

Renold Jeffrey dates back over 135 years as a pioneering force in industrial chains and power transmission technology. Leveraging vast application knowledge and commitment to quality, its engineered chain solutions enhance productivity for cement production lines, metal processing, food and beverage, and other vital industries. 

The company’s comprehensive selection provides tailored solutions for challenging applications with specialty corrosion-resistant and high-temperature chains. Renold Jeffrey combines global manufacturing expertise with extensive testing capabilities to ensure durable, high-efficiency chains even in demanding environments. Its focus on quality assurance even extends to producing its own high-performance chain lubricants. 


Serving forestry, sawmill, lumber, and bulk materials industries for over 80 years, CAN-AM brings generations of real-world experience delivering durable, high-performing chain solutions. The company’s roller and specialty chains withstand extreme environments, shock loads, temperature swings, abrasive wear, and prolonged stress loading in industries where downtime is disastrous.

CAN-AM’s diverse product range includes harvester chains built for logging and mill applications, featuring specialized heat treatments and lubricants. It provides ANSI standard attachment chains complemented by forged and cast components. CAN-AM’s engineered conveyor chains with customized components optimize lumber processing lines and demanding bulk material handling operations. 

Diamond-Drives by Timken

This respected American brand leverages more than a century of manufacturing expertise to deliver exceptionally reliable power transmission chains and mechanical components. All Diamond-Drives chains combine high-strength materials with leading heat treatment technologies, ensuring fatigue and corrosion resistance. 

The Diamond-Drives chain lineup includes a standard roller chain plus Leaf, Block, Steel, Drag, and Engineered chains built rugged for industrial environments. Key markets served include energy, aggregate industry, oil and gas, postal automation, and the military. 


Renowned for German engineering rigor applied to industrial chains, Wippermann has powered key industries for over 125 years. Its high-accuracy roller chains boost precision and efficiency for automation applications in sectors like print finishing equipment. Wippermann conveyor chains smoothly handle packaging lines and critical materials handling operations. 

Wippermann combines decades of manufacturing expertise with intensive testing capabilities to ensure consistent chain quality. World-class facilities allow high-volume production of standard chains as well as highly customized engineered products for unique applications. 

PEER Chain

Family-owned since 1970, PEER Chain brings over 50 years of chain engineering and manufacturing know-how to deliver reliable solutions. Combining high-strength materials with advanced heat-treating techniques, PEER roller and agricultural chains withstand heavy loads and abusive conditions, driving productivity across key industries, including poultry, packaging, and lumber processing.

PEER provides one of the broadest selections with over 8,000 chain specifications available. Its product range spans standard roller chains, agricultural chains, and engineered conveyor chains for challenging environments. PEER combines vast production capabilities leveraging automated processes with customized design expertise tailored to unique applications

Webster Industries

This American company has powered key industries with reliable chains and conveyors for over 140 years. Founded in 1876, Webster brings generations of application expertise to its world-class roller chains, vibrating conveyors, and components. 

Webster roller chains withstand extreme temperatures and heavy loads even in dirty, high-moisture environments. The company’s broad range includes stainless steel chains plus nickel-plated chains resisting corrosion. 

Allied-Locke Industries

Family-owned since 1965, Allied-Locke is respected for exceptional build quality across its broad selection of conveyor chains, sprockets, vibrating pan feeders, and components for light to heavy-duty applications. 

The company’s product range includes engineered steel roller chains, plastic chains for quiet operation, and stainless steel models resisting corrosion. Allied-Locke’s engineered sprockets and vibrating feeder pans integrate seamlessly with comprehensive customization capabilities tailored to unique application requirements. 

USA Roller Chain

This premier online provider offers one of America’s widest chain selections to meet any industrial component need. USA Roller Chain stocks top chain brands serving agriculture, automation, conveyors, and other heavy-duty drivetrain applications. 

The company’s extensive inventory includes standard roller chains in single and double strands up to large #500 frames, agricultural chains, stainless steel chains, and engineered conveyor chains for demanding environments. 

Ramsey Products

Family-owned for over 95 years, Ramsey leverages generations of drivetrain expertise to engineer smoother-running, longer-lasting chains and sprockets. Its silent chain product line delivers quiet, efficient power transmission for industrial machinery. 

The company’s broad range includes industrial silent chains made of diverse materials like stainless steel and engineered polymers. Ramsey chains serve vital functions across automation applications, high-precision equipment, and cleanroom environments. 

About Universal Chain

For over 50 years, Universal Chain has provided top-quality power transmission chains, boosting productivity across American agriculture, manufacturing, and other key industries. Located in the Midwest, our ISO 9001-certified production facilities leverage the latest innovations to produce durable roller chains, leaf chains, conveyor chains, and specialty products used in demanding environments.

Universal Chain offers one of the widest domestic selections of ASME-certified standard carbon steel chains plus stainless steel chains resisting corrosion. We also provide comprehensive custom engineering and manufacturing capabilities tailored to unique applications. Our experienced team helps optimize chain selection and integration reducing downtimes and maintenance.

At Universal Chain, we combine generations of American chain manufacturing expertise with rigorous quality testing and leading heat treatment processes. The result is reliable, smooth-running chains delivering exceptional performance and longevity across heavy-duty drive systems. Trust our engineering team to keep your conveyors, machinery, and industrial equipment running productively. Discover why top manufacturers rely on Universal Chain.


From agriculture and manufacturing to energy production, American industry depends on top-quality chains running flawlessly even in punishing conditions. Generations of expertise allow leading USA chain brands like Rexnord, Renold Jeffrey, and Allied-Locke to engineer high-strength solutions resisting wear, corrosion, shocks, and extreme temperatures. 

By leveraging the latest innovations, testing capabilities, and customization expertise, these manufacturers supply optimized chains, boosting productivity across vital sectors. Choose Universal Chain for-chain solutions delivering maximum power transmission reliability.

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